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Apple Is Set To Roll Out The New iOS 16.1.1 To Tackle Advertising And WiFi Issues

A solution for a problem with its advertising infrastructure SKAdNetwork is being worked on for an iOS 16 release. Apple stated that the problem started on November 3 but gave no further information.

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According to Apple, “There is a problem affecting SKAdNetwork for users using iOS 16.1.” We are working on a software upgrade to swiftly fix this problem. In other words, it lets marketers know how effective an ad is in getting consumers to download an app from the App Store. SKAdNetwork enables advertisers to assess the efficacy of commercials by attributing app installations to particular ad campaigns.

SKAdNetwork 4.0, which adds support for online advertisements, offers additional performance information for advertisers, and other changes, was introduced with iOS 16.1 two weeks ago.

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The firm will also address a number of other problems, including delayed Spotlight searches, battery depletion problems, and stuttering animations on the iPhone 14 Pro, among others. In addition, Apple’s system status page indicates that a future update to iOS 16 will address problems with the advertising framework SKAdNetwork. The corporation claims that the problem started on November 3, but it gave no other information.