Baby bed linen

Baby spends time in bed in the first weeks of his life. He sleeps there and discovers his environment.

The bed should be a reassuring place in which the child feels comfortable. Leaving the child’s bed and bassinet neat with stuffed animals is important.

A small comforter is enough. You can also place a garment on the mom. The maternal smell of laundry will soothe the child. Then, at the time of nightmares, around two years old, you can place an army of cuddly toys to protect him from possible monsters.

The mattress

Must be the exact dimensions of the bed so that there is no space in which the child could get stuck. Some mattresses have an integrated inclined plane (which can be put back flat, thanks to zippers) to raise the baby’s head. Many parents buy baby wedges so that the child does not turn over on his stomach and remains well on his back.

Bed linen should match the dimensions of the mattress.

 The idea is to take elasticated extra deep fitted sheets. It is important to change and air baby bedding. A set of 5 sheets is sufficient: indeed, it is optional to change sheets daily. Every two days, changing the sheets seems reasonable.

A mattress pad is essential in case of regurgitation for the little ones or diaper leaks for the older ones. At the time of potty training, the mattress pad will effectively protect the mattress.

Baby linen is usually made of cotton. The brands offer sheets and mattress pads in organic cotton and bamboo. However, the latter material needs a longer drying time.

For toddler

Buy both long-sleeved and sleeveless sleeping bags. You will always have a spare when the other is washed. Some sleeping bags are lined and warm but take a long time to dry after washing. Choose one of the two sleeping bags in fleece material: warm and quickly dry, fleece material is popular with many mums. Baby nest or sleeping bag, it’s up to you to choose according to the time of day.

Babies often do not sleep in the middle of their beds but rather are glued to the walls. Provide a bumper to the dimensions of the baby bed. Be sure to tie the bumper well so that it is well-fixed. Many bedspreads are made of velvet or even fur for maximum softness.

It is strongly advised not to put a pillow and duvet on the child lest he cover himself completely and choke. You can put a square of very soft fabric under his head to change daily (children sweat a lot on the scalp).

Pillows and duvets

Can be added to the bedding from the age of two. Fleece blankets are efficient: light, warm, and quick to dry. They are the allies of mums in a hurry.

If the child is going to spend a night outside, you can invest in a sleeping bag. However, make sure that it is manageable so that it is not discovered every night or that it sinks to the bottom of the bag. The sleeping bag remains ideal for little ones who move at night.

Baby can only be comfortable in bed with comfortable pyjamas.

For winter, opt for velvet pyjamas, which are warmer and thicker. For infants, pyjamas all have feet.

You can choose between the front or back opening system. The front opening system is practical for newborns. There are multitudes of adorable pyjamas. Some carry adorable “I love my daddy”, and “I love my mommy” messages. Pyjamas are often a birth gift.